Jasmine Jethwa


Sun 4th 15:45 - 16:15

The Barn

Born and raised in South London, Jasmine Jethwa’s journey to singing begins in a melting pot of Western and Indian culture, influenced by the personal stories of her London upbringing and with a mesmerising, natural command for melody and harmonies.

Jasmine makes swaying, folk-tinged acoustic pop songs with a full voice that teems with rich emotion. Her sonic palette makes sense when she describes the music she was most interested in growing up. “The earliest memories I have are of driving down to see my grandparents, and we listened to different music in the car on my dad’s iPod,” she recalls, “There’d be David Gray, Tracy Chapman, Dido, Gipsy Kings, The Eagles – old songs, classic albums. And I feel like they went into my psyche. I’m obsessed with any kind of acoustic, well-played guitar.” Though she cannot play the instrument herself, she often collaborates with different songwriters, one of which is her friend Jez, to make sure the guitar is always a focus point in her tracks.

Jasmine Jethwa’s songs are a reminder that we can’t know the future, but we can lean into the poetry, the cosmos and the depth of feeling, and let it all hold us.