Jericho Noguera


Fri 2nd 22:00 - 22:30

The Forum

Jericho Noguera produces a unique blend of neo-soul and indie rock out of a room in British suburbia. Based in Birmingham UK, Jericho’s blooming catalogue spans lo-fi-soaked acoustic valleys, sepia-tone summers, pillowy dream bops, and a lot more goodness. Extensive features across BBC 1Xtra, Radio 2, and Radio 6 have made him a low-key hit on the airwaves, and rare appearances supporting the likes of Oscar Jerome, JW Francis, and Skinny Pelembe across the UK have proved him one to watch in the near future. With a debut album 'The Shape' rolling out throughout 2024, Jericho Noguera is setting the tone with what promises to be a remarkable debut record blending modern influences from Mac Demarco, Steve Lacy, Mk.Gee, and Djo, with poignant resonances from the past like Jeff Buckley, The Beach Boys, and Nick Drake.