Message From The Ravens


Fri 2nd 19:35 - 20:20

The People's Front Room

Sat 3rd 22:05 - 22:50

The People's Front Room

From ancient sea shanties to southern gothic ballads, haunting indie folk to full power 90s feminist sass; Message from the Ravens are the girl band who sing the lost stories that the ravens have witnessed since the dawn of time.

Hailing from the wild and mystic town of Hastings, the band was created by Siddy Bennett, the former lead singer of indie-folk band Wildflowers.

Stemming from sisterhood and united by their love of myths and magic, DIY punk ethos and a healthy dose of humility, Message from the Ravens are rapidly catching the attention of those that cherish the sacred to the sinister.

Their sound is made up of eerie carnivalesque organ and ethereal flute (Hannah Dennard), dreamy Tarantino electric guitar (Lily Kim), thunderous ceremonial drums (Philly Piggott), driving gutsy acoustic guitar and an incongruous Kazoo (Siddy Bennett).

Lead vocals are divided equally, each member possessing a unique voice ranging from husky to dulcet, powerful to serene. Together their voices are euphoric, Brighton and Hove News claiming them “an absolute highlight with heart wrenchingly beautiful harmonies, truly ethereal with a modern edge”

Drawing influence from the mysticism of Fleetwood Mac and the lyrical dexterity of First Aid Kit, their show is earthy and visceral; with songs possessing “more hooks than a fishing boat” (Eddie- Kid Kapichi).