Plumm x Hen.D


Fri 2nd 23:30 - 0:00

The Forum

Plumm x Hen.D is a live electronic performance featuring live and looped vocals, with pulsing drum machines and wide atmospheric synths. Bursting with rave nostalgia, Plumm x Hen.D's sound struts between trip hop, house, breaks and trance. Their live, improvisational approach creates a complete symbiosis with the audience, reacting with the energy of the room and producing new music consistently whilst performing. Its a complete blur between live performance and DJ'ing

Think Kate Bush meets BICEP

Together, Plumm and Hen.D bring a duo that, put simply, is a buffet of drum machines, improvisation, Plumm literally turning into a live vocal sample pack, house, soul, trip hop and more.