The Wilderness Orchestra

The Wilderness Orchestra


Sun 6th 13:25 - 14:40

The Atrium

Our house band - the finest symphony orchestra in the field. Bespoke playlists, unique arrangements, handmade dedications, and one-time-only collaborations.

For the past decade, The Wilderness Orchestra with composer Ewan Campbell (conductor of the Wilderness Orchestra) has paid homage to some of the greatest artists in the world, arranging their music in new and inventive ways alongside special guest performers. From Radiohead to Nina Simone, John Williams to Aretha, Amy Winehouse to Bowie and lest we forget a side of Disney… last year they brought us the world premiere of The Hebrides Redacted; a show depicting the enormity of biodiversity loss.

This year the Wilderness Orchestra celebrates and explores the natural world in all its glory whilst simultaneously highlighting the devastating effect of deforestation around the world.

Wilderness Orchestra presents: The Natural World

Join our house band - the finest symphony orchestra in the field - as they delve even deeper into the Wild in search of music in, from and about the natural world. Expect howls, growls, and wild shrieks (and that’s just from the stage) as the orchestra go in search of lost landscapes and endangered species.

The programme will be drawn from over 300 years of musical history though always with a contemporary Wilderness Orchestra twist, and will include the premiere of Beethoven's 6th Extinction; a 200-year-old icon of classical music revised to reflect the tragic loss of biodiversity since Beethoven first revelled in European pastoral scenes.