United Freedom Collective


Sat 3rd 21:00 - 22:00

The Barn

United Freedom Collective are a new act singed to Maribou State’s label Dama Dama, a sub-label of Ninja Tune. Their debut EP ‘Am Ta’ created waves in late 2022 with radio support from the likes of Gilles Petersen, Jamz Supernova, Tom Ravenscroft and Don Letts, as well as two sell-out live shows in hometowns Margate and London.

In late 2020, Mathieu Seynaeve and WaiFung Tsang, musicians as well as clinicians and researchers of psychedelic therapy, met up with music producer and yoga teacher Robbie Redway for a sound journey on a remote barn on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, which resulted in a set of tracks and practices that shaped the blueprint of what United Freedom Collective is now.

The retreat consisted of meditations, noble silences, cold sea swims, eating plants and mushrooms, meanders and medicine songs by stone circles – all to facilitate space for music with intent. The intention that the music created could offer value to others, healing value, a way to the space where we can feel free but also connected to the unity we are.

As an ever-expanding collective, collaborating with artists such as Falle Nioke, Eliza Shaddad, Jordan Stephens and William Rees, the sound continued to develop into something wider than the imagination. They have been influenced by birds, trees, Buddhism, yoga, headless way meditations, Jungian analysis, Zen Taoism, Chinese plant medicines, indigeneity, Amazonian and psychedelic cultures, icaros, worldwide healing traditions…