The Faraway Fete

Celebrating country life...weirdly

The Faraway Fete, brought to you by Tootles + Nibs, is where the weird and wonderful traditions of the United Kingdom come to take off their shoes, kick back, relax, and…get weird. Expect a psychedelic version of the nostalgic Village Fair; bizarre fete stalls, eccentric maypole dancing and comedy twists on classic country games.

Expect a quintessentially British spectacle celebrating the eccentric with charm and a sense of community.

Photo courtesy of Simon Pizzey (Boss Morris)


Irish seisiún with Dolly & Clyde

Bower Street Morris

Folk Dance Remixed

Goblin Band

Faraway Fete Games

British championship toe wrestling

Fisherman Jon

Acid Klauss

Mock Mayor Elections

Bat & Trap contest

Faraway Croquet

The longest Wang Contest

Camden Clog

The Enchanted Maypole

Charlie Partridge

Theatre of the Small