Cornbury Park in the Autumn

For thirteen years, Wilderness has found its home in charming Cornbury Park located in Oxfordshire. Nestled within the park's scenic beauty, we curate a distinctive experience for 25,000 festival-goers each August, offering a unique escape from reality over four unforgettable days. What initially began as a modest festival has now flourished into the immersive and enchanting four-day experience that defines Wilderness today.

The Cornbury Park estate spans around 1,700 acres of the most ancient forest in the UK, serving as a safeguarded haven for indigenous wildlife. It has established a distinctive habitat within one of England's limited private woodlands.  

Our team took a trip to Cornbury Park to speak with Tom, the Estate Deer Manager, to find out more about the park's wildlife, whilst also shedding light on the deer population and their evolving behaviours during the rutting season. Tom explained how our visitors can help to protect the land and its exquisite wildlife by ensuring no trace of our presence remains after attending and enjoying Wilderness. After all, this realm belongs to the wildlife, and we are but temporary guests.  

We acknowledge our duty to safeguard the live music experience and the environment for future generations. Consequently, we kindly invite you to explore our complete Environmental Charter here.