Talks and debates at The Forum

Straight from The Forum, behold the crème de la crème of 2023's talks and debates. Grab a cuppa and settle in with Hannah Macinnes for a chat with Elizabeth Day and Sathnam Sanghera. Or kick back with the soothing tones of Tom Hodgkinson, editor of The Idler, and John Lloyd as they dissect the six things you absolutely shouldn't do to upgrade your life.

Elizabeth Day

Dive into the world of bestselling author, broadcaster, and host of the popular podcast How To Fail, Elizabeth Day, as she delves into the importance and transformation of friendship to mark the release of her latest book, Friendaholic: Confessions of a Friendship Addict. From navigating ghosting and frenemies to dissecting the role of social media and communication methods, as well as the influence of life-changing events, Elizabeth examines friendships in all their variations, leaving no aspect untouched.

How to Academy: Sathnam Sanghera

In what ways does the legacy of the Empire persist in contemporary Britain, and why do we often avoid discussing it?

The How to Academy partnered with Sathnam Sanghera, a Times journalist renowned for his impactful works, "Empireland" and "Stolen History," which have reshaped our understanding of Britain's historical narrative and its relevance today.

The Idler Sunday Morning Lie In

Do productivity, ambition, routine, and discipline really hold the keys to a fulfilled life? Kick back and ponder that in our one-hour "How to be Idle" symposium, where we explore the art of living well. Join the Idler magazine editor Tom Hodgkinson and the brilliantly witty radio comedy producer and writer John Lloyd as they discuss how to slow down, have fun, and live well.