Wilderness presented by Audi 2024 Themes

Our daily costume themes exist to spark your wildest imaginations and allow you to celebrate your fabulous self. Dressing-up has been a key ingredient in the recipe for a proper party since the dawn of time... so we urge each and every one of you to embrace your wild child and get expressive with your get-up at Wilderness presented by Audi.

Since the very first Wilderness, we've invited you to dive head first into a world of creativity, where you can freely flaunt your quirks and wear your heart on your sleeve. The themes serve as a unifying force, bringing together our diverse community in the sheer joy of dressing up, dining and dancing.

We encourage you to avoid buying new and keep sustainability in mind in your quest for the perfect costume – whether it's raiding your existing wardrobe, borrowing from a pal, upcycling or renting.

We hope you have a delightful time exploring the themes and the inspiration boards…

Friday 2nd August 2024: Once Upon a Time in the Woods

Wild Ones - enter the landscape of storybooks and childhood imaginings. Prepare to fill Cornbury Park with fantastical and beautiful creatures: princesses, frogs, faerie queens, pusses in boots, knights in shining armour, little children in red hoods & perhaps a wolf or two. Take your inspiration from The Brothers Grimm via Tim Walker and Dolce & Gabbana and get ready to enchant.

Visual references: Once Upon a Time in the Woods Pinterest Board

Saturday 3rd August 2024: Celestial Bodies

Children of the sky, unite in heavenly glamour! Embrace all that twinkles and let your star rise. With a luminous glow here, a smattering of starlight there (and perhaps an enormous self-illuminating headdress to complete the look), let's ascend to the highest heights of fashion, darlings.

Visual references: Celestial Bodies Pinterest Board

Sunday 4th August 2024: It's Frilling

Get your frou frou on and embrace all things delicate, curvaceous and frilly. Go all out with head-to-toe froth or focus on neck ruffs and fancy cuffs. Seek your inspiration from the S/S collections, Marie Antoinette, Pierrot and Pierrette or the new romantics.

Visual references: It's Frilling Pinterest Board

Big love to our pals at Prangsta Costumiers for glamming us up in their heavenly costumes. If you're on the hunt for the ultimate outfit, look no further...