World Book Day with Phlox Books

Readers, writers and lovers of literature; assemble.

Phlox return once again to the beloved Books Tent with their on-site bookshop. In celebration of World Book Day today, Phlox has curated a selection of literary treasures from this year's collection of authors appearing at The Books Tent.

Whether you're itching for an adventure in a far-off land or Soho's late-night underbelly, craving some historical tidbits or wanting to be cast out at sea, Phlox's got you covered with their top-notch recommendations.

A Death in Malta - Paul Caruana Galizia

On 16th October 2017, journalist and anti-corruption activist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated in her native Malta. For the next two years her sons searched for who stood to profit from ending the life of a journalist who threatened those in power with the truth. Two years later, they did. Whilst a deeply personal account of the loss of a mother by her son, this fascinating investigation into her death brings to light the globalisation of corruption and what it has done to a modern European country. A cautionary tale of bravery, humanity and persistence and true crime at its very best.

Where We Come From: Rap, Home and Hope in Modern Britain - Aniefiok Ekpoudom

The ultimate social history of modern Britain - a mixtape of music, people, places and struggles. Through the emergence of musical subgenres that become mainstream, Ekpoudom roams the country exploring the stories of migration, exploration and hardships that unite and define the birth of new music. With compassion and a uniquely vivid voice he searches out those who found belonging in these new genres and how this has shaped the Britain we live in today.

My Fishing Life : A Story of the Sea - Ashley Mullenger

As consumers we are often disconnected from the origin of our food. Commercial Fisherman of the Year, Ashley Mullenger is passionate about sharing what happens at sea, to land fish onto our plates. From office worker to owner of two fishing vessels, her memoir introduces us to the story of early mornings, weather-beaten characters and coworkers that can sink pints as fast as they can haul pots. As one of the few women in the profession, Ashley shares her story with humour and warmth, introducing us to age-old fishing communities and shining light on the increasingly difficult conditions the UK’s seafood industry works within.

Performance: A Misadventure in Soho - Ruth Ivo

As ‘Ruby’ Ruth Ivo lived a bohemian life earning a crust as a burlesque performer, living on a boat and absorbing London life. After landing her dream job in Soho’s notorious ‘The Club’, a world of money, decadence and secrecy, her addictive and engaging memoir charts the artistic highs and personal lows of the all-consuming orb of Soho after dark.

Code Dependent : Living in the Shadow of AI - Madhumita Murgia

Far from its Silicon Valley beginnings, award-winning journalist Madhumita Murgia explores the intricate ways AI is impacting our daily existence. Through the voices of ordinary people from across the world - from a mother in Amsterdam, a British poet, to an UberEats courier in Pittsburgh, a remote Indian doctor, and a Chinese activist - this absorbing book discusses not just what AI is, but what it means for us as a society.


At Phlox Books in East London, the motto is clear: Books. Booze. Coffee. They're all about diverse reads, local sips, and a cozy atmosphere. They had a simple mission: make bookshops social spaces that appealed to both readers and, more importantly, potential readers - maybe on their fifth visit for a coffee or a quick glass of wine that one particular book will just grab their eye and the journey begins.

Take a peek at their website to browse their fabulous book selection, upcoming events and much more...

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