Detox Yoga


from £14

The Mindful Space

with Jaycee May

Get ready to unwind at this Detox Yoga workshop - a perfect fusion of grounding, gratitude, and mindful stretches tailored for the festival spirit. Immerse yourself in moments of calm amidst the excitement, reconnecting with your inner self and expressing gratitude. Designed with festival-goers in mind, my workshop provides relief and rejuvenation, giving your dancing legs the TLC they deserve.

Elevate your festival experience with a harmonious blend of physical release and mental serenity. Join my hour-long class, open to all levels, featuring detoxifying stretches. Experience deep mind-body release through twists, concluding with 30 minutes of restorative poses to reset and realign. Ready for a rejuvenated you?

Growing up in a rastafarian family, I have been provided with knowledge of the importance of natural remedies, food, medicine, wellness and meditation from a young age. All of these elements have made me who I am today and driving my love for Yoga and the lifestyle that surrounds the practice.

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The Spa

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  • In adverse weather conditions, please still head to the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, as most sessions will still go ahead come rain or shine. Any sessions that cannot go ahead will be automatically refunded within 2 weeks post-festival. We do not offer refunds if you decide not to join a session that still goes ahead.

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