Radical Rest


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The Studio

In a fast-paced world that puts productivity on a pedestal, it can be hard to give yourself permission to truly rest. Join sleep therapist, yoga teacher and writer Risa Gabrielle to explore how we can challenge societal conditioning that under-values rest and learn ways to achieve purposeful rest. With a background in writing, Risa will guide you through a few journal prompts on the topic of rest and share plenty of micro-rest practices that you can slot into your busy life along with techniques to regulate your nervous system so you can properly switch off. The utterly relaxing session wraps up with a delicious sleep hypnosis/yoga nidra meditation so you’ll emerge rested, revived and ready to dance the night away.

Risa Gabrielle is a certified sleep therapist, yoga teacher, Hypno-CBT® for Insomnia practitioner, and wellbeing coach. Sleep is our birthright, yet in our modern world we're disconnected from our natural ability to sleep. She comes to this work from a place of deep personal experience, having suffered with major sleep problems. Risa's sleep is now completely transformed, and her passion is helping others achieve quality sleep. Risa delivers sleep talks, sees therapy clients privately, and teaches workshops. Her teaching approach is down-to-Earth, intuitive, and practical, focusing on long-lasting solutions over quick fixes. You don't have to be tired. There is a better way.

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