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The Rogue Room is a unique coming-together of movement and music that harnesses the vibrancy of club culture and the transcendence of yoga to guide a new generation out of their heads and into their bodies.

In 2020, Rosie Hall launched The Rogue Room with a singular mission: to revolutionise the modern yoga industry by creating a contemporary platform for the ancient art of yoga. Three 3 years on, having held an exclusive residency at fabric nightclub, The Rogue Room, in Partnership with Nike and audio giant Pioneer DJ, opened the UK’s most immersive yoga studio dedicated solely to achieving flow-state, Arch 5 in the heart of Shoreditch.

The Rogue Room continues to present innovative ways to harness human potential, reinventing wellness at the intersection of music, movement and creativity.

Dynamic Yoga; SoulFlow 68

Join the founder of The Rogue Room Rosie Hall for a SoulFlow 68 session, The Rogue Room's interpretation of a slow-flow Rocket-inspired class. Our approach is to synchronise breath to movements, using a carefully curated DJ-set with a constant tempo of 68 beats per minute (BPM). This music-driven practice is meticulously designed to align with the ebb and flow of the class, allowing you to access flow with ease and remain in peak-state for the duration.

Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness, a state where you feel your best and perform your best. Moments of rapt attention and total absorption, also known as a higher state of consciousness. We believe in the power of electronic music to facilitate flow. The Rogue Room brings these two worlds into convergence.

Yin and Music Meditation:

(90) Sunday Decompression Session

Yin and music meditation play host to solfeggio frequency music accompanied by a guided

Yin yoga session; a slow-paced style of yoga, incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine - with postures that are held for longer periods. It allows a sense of stilling, whilst working deeper into the body's deep connected tissue or fascia. It's like a deep tissue massage, self-administered with a big hug at the end. It's a moment to pause and connect deeply and an advanced form of meditation. Whilst you release and open into each posture, you are immersed within a MEYA soundscape to transition your brainwaves to a theta state. A theta state usually occurs during sleep or deep meditation. It is essentially, a mode of deep relaxation and allows your body to switch to your rest and restore function.

Our Sunday night journeys are currently exploring the main 7 solfeggios frequencies, aligning with the 7 chakras :

Root 396 Hz

Sacral 417 Hz

Solar Plexus 528 Hz

Heart 639 Hz

Throat 741 Hz

Third Eye 144 Hz

Crown 963hz

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Outdoor Experiences

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The Spa

  • You must bring your own towel.

Wellbeing in the Wild Experiences

  • Meet 20 minutes before the designated start time at the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, located next to the Sanctuary Reception. Your teacher will then accompany you to the relevant location for your session.
  • In adverse weather conditions, please still head to the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, as most sessions will still go ahead come rain or shine. Any sessions that cannot go ahead will be automatically refunded within 2 weeks post-festival. We do not offer refunds if you decide not to join a session that still goes ahead.

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