Wild Rose Wellness


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The Studio

with Sophie Alexandra Wurr

Inviting women into remembrance through the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. Cyclical & sensual embodiment to reclaim the fullness of your feminine nature. Come back into right relationship with the masculine. Embrace the gifts of your feminine essence.

Learn the sacred art of Devotional Dance a gift to yourself, and your Beloved.

𝓣𝓔𝓐𝓢𝓔 is not ‘just’ a lapdance masterclass…It’s a descent into the Primordial Feminine…

This journey will support you to ignite your inner flame of passion and to connect with your
partner/s (or future partner) on a deeper level. You'll learn about the history of the Temple Priestess, and how working with different archetypes can help you tap into your sensuality and confidence. The 5 different archetypes I identified during my time working as an erotic dancer that make an incredible private dance are…

The Sensualist, The Huntress, The Temple Priestess, The Courtesan & The Sacred $lut.

We journey into these archetypes in an embodied way so you can better access your feminine range and bring out the different flavours that make your dance captivating to the masculine or ‘witnessing pole’.

Come and relish in your sensuality, let your inner wild out, reclaim your innate eros, and have so much juicy fun doing it!

Shakti Shaking

...is the name I received to describe the mind-blowing, life-enhancing, free-flowing feminine current of energy that we all have access to! This energy stream has quite literally changed my life. Join me in this sacred gathering within the embrace of the Primordial Feminine, where we will embark on a transformative journey to awaken your connection to this primal energy current within. In this immersive workshop, we will arouse remembrance of the ancient lineage of Temple Priestesses, who had a natural affinity with this energy and you will experience the profound wisdom of the Sacred Feminine (no matter your gender; all are welcome in this workshop!) Working with this ancient-wise current of energy will unleash a surge of vitality and eros in you, easing tension and stress, providing clarity & knowingness, and connecting you deeply to your body in a way that may be very unfamiliar and deeply potent for you.

We will harmonise mind, body, and spirit, reconnecting with our innate power and soul-essence. Embark on this profound exploration of self-discovery remembrance as we awaken the divine Shakti within.

"The self is the source of healing. The vibration is medicine. The teacher is the experience" ~ Pi Villaraza

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Refunds & Exchanges

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  • Experiences will only be held for 15 minutes, after that tickets are subject to resale and will be automatically cancelled without refund.

Feasting Experiences

  • All our menus are designed as nut-free, but please be aware all our food is prepared in kitchens where nuts, gluten, and other allergens may be present.
  • Feasting Experiences can only facilitate dietary requirements as outlined on the individual chef's booking page.
  • Unless specified otherwise on the individual chef page, there is a vegetarian alternative menu for the Long Table Banquets, Wilderness Kitchen and Ben Quinn’s Long Table Banquet in the Woods. These will be outlined on the website menu or coming soon if not currently showing. Vegan alternatives can be made available, subject to registering via the dietaries form.
  • If you need to register any dietary requirements for your booked feasting experiences for yourself, or others in your group, please do so HERE.
  • If you are booking for a group, please consider other people’s dietary requirements, we are in a field so don’t have readily available alternatives.
  • The Yoga Brunch & Supper Club menus are vegetarian/vegan as standard.
  • Due to the style of the offering, The Chef’s Table cannot accommodate any dietary requirements other than those displayed on the individual chef pages.
  • Babies and little ones can sit on parents' laps at all restaurants except for The Chef's Table. If they're in a pram please ask on arrival to be seated at the end of a table. Please note, we don't have a dedicated children's menu, so if you’re planning to have them eat with you they’ll need to be booked as an additional seat.
  • Ben Quinn’s Long Table Banquet in the Woods will take place come rain or shine as we have a beautiful canopy in the woodland to use in the event of rain so you don’t miss your meal!

Outdoor Experiences

  • Outdoor experiences will take place come rain or shine.
  • For any outdoor experiences taking place outside of the arena, unless specified otherwise on the individual booking page, please meet 15 minutes before the designated start time at the Wilderness Meeting Point where you will be met and guided to your experience.

The Spa

  • You must bring your own towel.

Wellbeing in the Wild Experiences

  • Meet 20 minutes before the designated start time at the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, located next to the Sanctuary Reception. Your teacher will then accompany you to the relevant location for your session.
  • In adverse weather conditions, please still head to the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, as most sessions will still go ahead come rain or shine. Any sessions that cannot go ahead will be automatically refunded within 2 weeks post-festival. We do not offer refunds if you decide not to join a session that still goes ahead.

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