Village Circus

Born out of a mutual love of connecting people in play - Village Circus is run by Willo & Lex, with help from their three small boys, and a troupe of likeminded creatives. Village Circus produces a tangle of innovative ideas, from surreal play times, immersive live shows, to things on wheels and unique small space designs.

Inspired by lived experience to live life thoroughly in the moments we have, Lex & Willo put connection at the forefront of everything they do. As creatives it’s easy to feel your offering to society is irrelevant compared to big politics, medical research and academic studies… but what the pandemic taught us, is the need to feel connected to each other is far more important than some may realise.

In the words of Lex’s war journalist brother “what is it all for if we can’t enjoy life too?”.

From Mass Musical Benches to The Grand Irrational, expect bizarre games, wild discos and many madcap moments - when you enter a Village Circus arena, there really is no knowing in what fashion you will exit…

Join us @villagecircus for updates of surreal play times, family life on the road & our small space design.