Meadow Accommodation

Don’t fancy the faff of bringing and pitching your own tent? Meadow Camping offers unfurnished, pre-pitched Meadow Accommodation, so all you need to do is arrive ready to enjoy the festival, but you can only stay in this campsite if you book one of these on top of your Meadow Festival Ticket. You can sleep 2-8 people depending on accommodation chosen, though of course, fewer campers means more space for your glad rags.

Please note you must book both Meadow Accommodation (large enough to house your party) and Meadow Festival Tickets (1 per person) to stay in Meadow Camping. You cannot bring your own tent and stay here. Only the advertised capacity for your tent size can stay in the accommodation. Final products subject to minor changes from advertised pictures. 

Parking Car Park Passes for Meadow Camping can only be booked alongside Meadow Accommodation. If you still need a Meadow Car Park Pass they will be available to buy on arrival at the festival.

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