Sat 5th 22:00 - 2:00

The House of Sublime

Haus of Fatale presents - FATALISM

Art-House, Fetish, Ballroom & voguing, a coalescing of Ibiza vibes and Berlin avant-garde, and some kink for good measure…  FATALISM is a club-night takeover, born from from the infamous Haus of Fatale cabaret shows.  This experience includes a house Dominatrix and kink dungeon, incredible performers and artists hand-picked from all over the globe, and DJs who will expand your consciousness.

This is THE place to be this Saturday night at Wilderness, and entry will be granted only if you are prepared for your initiation at the door.. 

Featuring DJ Jayli of Jagged Jungle, a ballroom & voguing extravaganza, fire, latex, aerial, drag and striptease.  The House of Sublime tent is a place for creativity, inclusivity and love.  Open minds and hearts ONLY.  

2023 line-up:

Appearances from all Haus of Fatale revue artists, plus…
MISSY FATALE - International headliner & queen of fire & fetish 
ADREENA ANGELA - International Dominatrix of your dreams & nightmares 
THE ALBERT SHOW - Naked narcissism at its finest
MEL LEE - Flying aerial pole & cage bending
LUCINDA BEHIND - Drag & acro deviant
CAZALEON - Drag glamour & voguing irreverence
RASHA KHOYI - Shibari, latex and avant-garde aesthetics 
DJ JAYLI - International headliner & owner of Jagged Jungle



FATALISM is a sex-positive, inclusive, art-house space. Whilst kink is only a partial element of our ethos, we do encourage light BDSM play and exploration under the supervision of our KINK PREFECTS in our on-stage Dungeon space, if the whim takes you. Please do not engage in any explicit sexual acts, this will result in removal due to licensing.

When entering the world of FATALISM you agree to the following:

CONSENT: Consent is not only sexy, it’s mandatory - anyone that breaches the consent of another guest will be asked to leave and won’t be permitted to return. Enthusiastic consent must be established before any kind of contact.

ATTITUDE: This is a space to uplift one another. Prejudice, bullying and negativity towards each other is not tolerated. If you have a bad attitude towards other guests or staff you will be asked to leave. Immediately. We do not accept racism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, sizeism, or elitism.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: Drug use and extreme intoxication reduce the ability to give or withdraw consent, nor can you perceive when consent is given or withdrawn by partners and guests. Therefore, if you are clearly over-intoxicated, or using drugs you will be asked to leave the venue. PERFORMERS/SHIBARI ARTISTS: We ask that you do not, under any circumstance, touch artists, interrupt performances or invade the performer's personal space - unless invited to by the performer. Performers are not to be treated as objects or free-for-alls. They are working and deserve respect.

DRESS CODE: This is a space for art, kink, and self-expression, and we would love for you to dress accordingly. Dressing appropriately for these spaces is important. We love lingerie and fetishwear, weird and wonderful artistic creations, and slick aesthetics. Dress as the creative being you truly are.. It is important that our guests feel comfortable in expressing their sexuality, and we invite you to be bold, daring and empowered by your attire (or lack thereof!)

PHONES: Please do not use phones once you enter our world. Phones in exploratory and hedonistic spaces, where many guests require and deserve privacy, can result in discomfort. The addiction of technology can also draw you out of what you are actually experiencing in real-time. There will be professional photographers and videographers present, and if you do not wish for them to include you, please feel free to tell them.

PRONOUNS: Whilst we are a femme-focused space, we are an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. Please ask, don’t assume pronouns. It’s incredibly important to be mindful of one another, and together we can make a space that is welcoming, non-judgmental and thoughtful.

With love and thanks to our incredible friends at One Night Parties <3