Michael James Wong


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Join Michael and the Just Breathe team for a breathwork practice that combines elements of conscious connected breathwork, meditation and deep rest. In this session you’ll quiet the mind and unlock the moment with a practice that helps to rest, release and rejuvenate.

Michael James Wong is an author, speaker, meditation teacher, community leader and founder. Internationally recognised as one of the most relevant voices in the modern era of mindfulness, Wong is mission driven to inspire change and bring people together in community, connection and quiet.

He is the Founder of Just Breathe, an organisation focused on bringing mindfulness in the real world by creating an on and offline places to belong. Just Breathe is recognised around the world for their large-scale cultural events that bring together thousands of people to experience the power of mindfulness.

Wong is a big believer in the power of these quiet practices and making the world a little more mindful, one day, and one breath at a time.