Sound Activation with Tim Wheater & Cherub


Set time to be announced

Relax and receive a soothing fusion of planet gongs, Native flute, Cherabella crystal bowls and celestial voices.

The healing soundscape will help to rebalance your mind, release tension in your body, strengthen your immune system and align you to the natural rhythms of the planet, giving you a moment of precious calm amidst all the adventure.

The acclaimed masters of High-Frequency, Tim Wheater & Cherub have co-pioneered the field of transformational sound together for many years. Tim is a highly influential, globally renowned musician and composer, one of the  forefathers of sound healing, his prominent work in the field dating back to the early 80’s.  Cherub is considered a leading sound artist of her generation and has made a significant impact on elevating therapeutic sound into popular consciousness - and together they are true masters of their craft, forging the way for the sound therapy movement that exists today. 

From performing in The National Portrait Gallery, London, to The Elphilharmonie Orchestra Hall, Hamburg to touring festivals with world renowned DJ’s and hosting wellness areas at Corporate conferences in China, they express a diverse range of musical genres. As leading authorities in this field, the’ve been invited as key note speakers at global sound healing events, and have co-founded The Academy of Integrated Sonic Medicine; a certified sound healer training school where they have taught hundreds of students from all around the world, who remain loyal members of their sound family. 

It is their shared vision and mission to bring sound to a wider demographic, with unwavering belief that their combined efforts of 40 years of performing, teaching and producing will help to heal, transform, uplift and create a positive shift in both personal and collective frequency.

Lie down and feel your festival fatigue melt away with the Masters of High-Frequency, and let yourself sink into deep states of sonic bliss.