Live-in vehicle info and terms & conditions

Please see our Live-in Vehicle Campsite information and guidelines below. If you are booking a Live-in Vehicle Pass please make sure you have read the following terms and conditions, to ensure you are aware of everything you need to book and the rules and regulations you must adhere to, to stay in this campsite.

A Live-In Vehicle Pass gives you access to one pitch measuring approximately 6m by 7m within the Live-In Vehicle field. If your vehicle is larger than this, you’ll need to buy an additional pass until you have to cover the area required to accommodate your vehicle.

Only one Live-In Vehicle Pass is needed per pitch, however, every occupant staying on the Pitch (whether in a vehicle or a tent) must be in possession of a valid weekend live-in weekend ticket for Wilderness. If you don't have both, you cannot stay in this campsite.

Live-In Vehicle Passes (1 per 6x7m pitch) are only valid with a Live-In Vehicle Weekend Festival Ticket (1 per person).

Live-In Vehicle Passes must be purchased in advance and will be available to book during checkout for your live-in weekend festival ticket. Be aware this is a popular pass and they will sell out early. You will not be able to stay in this campsite without a Live-In Vehicle Pass.

It is contrary to our licence to allow anyone to sleep in our car parks, regardless of whether it’s in a vehicle or tent. So, if you’re bringing a live-in vehicle and plan on staying in it, please book your Live-In Vehicle Pass and festival tickets. Security patrols will monitor this.

No cars are allowed in the Live-In Campsites unless towing a campervan. Once the campervan has been sited, the car will need to leave the Live-In Campsite and park in the dedicated car parks next door.

Only one live-in vehicle will be admitted per Live-In Vehicle Pass. Towing vehicles must be moved to the car park next door and cannot remain within your pitch, even if there is space to accommodate them. We will provide you with a car park pass to do this.

Live-In Vehicle pitches must be filled with at least one live-in vehicle. Pitches may not be used by customers camping in tents only.

Camping vehicles will only be admitted to the Live-In Vehicle Campsite if they are one of the following: a campervan; a motor home; a caravan; a trailer tent; a purpose-built vehicle with camping facilities within; this excludes a van with a mattress or bunk bed facility only or any other vehicle deemed to be inappropriate by the Wilderness Team. The camping vehicle must fit within the pitch. Cars, people carriers and vans ARE NOT PERMITTED to be slept in.

Unsuitable vehicles with Live-In Vehicle passes - including unconverted vans - will not be allowed entry and will be sent to one of the festival car parks.

There must be a door that provides access to the living accommodation.

A bed, which is an integral part of the living quarters which has a minimum length of 1800mm or 6 feet. This can be converted at night from seats used for other purposes during the day but must be permanently fixed within the body of the vehicle.

There must be a water storage tank or container on or in the vehicle.

A seating and dining area, permanently attached to the vehicle. The table may be detachable but must have some permanent means of attachment to the vehicle. It's not good enough to have a loose table.

There must be a permanently fixed means of storage, a cupboard, locker or wardrobe.

There must be a permanently fixed cooking facility within the vehicle powered by gas or electricity.

There must be at least one window on the side of the accommodation

If you are unsure if your vehicle meets the requirements then please email or message us on Facebook with a picture and we will let you know. If you have not heard from us within a week, please follow up on your original message. We will then contact you to inform you whether or not it is suitable. In advance of the festival, our decision as to the suitability of your vehicle is final. At the festival, if your vehicle has not been previously agreed upon and is found to be unsuitable by the Live-In Vehicle Campsite Manager or Campsite Manager, their decision is final.

You will be permitted to erect: a gazebo or purpose-built, fitted awning; AND one tent, provided that these fit within your pitch alongside your camping vehicle. If you are asked by a member of staff to remove any vehicles, tents, awnings or gazebos, you will do so immediately. Customers are only permitted to sleep in their live-in vehicle/caravan or tent.

We can accommodate a limited number of tour buses by prior agreement only. These will only be allowed in the fields if they have living accommodation with fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities.

You shall not bring any gas cylinders into the Live-In Vehicle Campsite, except where they have been professionally installed within the camping vehicle with appropriate certification. If we find you with any petrol, generators or gas cylinders (other than as permitted within the camping vehicle) you will be asked to leave the Wilderness festival site. Please also see our information on recommended cooking appliances and permitted items. Propane or Butane cylinders must be under 7kg. No more than 1 cylinder per vehicle.

The use of large garden-type furniture such as Chimineas; Fire pits; large wood-burning stoves or any other item that is deemed to pose a risk to the safety of you or other campers is not allowed at any time. We reserve the right to confiscate these items and/or refuse entry to the Live-In Vehicle Campsite.

In the event of particularly hot and dry weather, BBQs may be completely banned from the site.

There are NO water or electricity hook-ups available for individual live-in vehicles; however, there will be a water point in the area for general use.

There will be tipping points for Live-In Vehicle chemical toilets, situated near the toilets blocks with-in their area.

As per all our campsites, the Live-In Vehicle field will have communal toilets and showers.

Your vehicle may be searched on entry to the festival site. Security staff will check for any items not permitted, as per our Ticket Terms and Conditions and Restricted Items list. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. The discretion and decision of the security team will be final.

Pitches are pre-set, and vehicles are parked as they arrive by our traffic marshalls, to ensure everyone is parked as quickly and safely as possible on arrival. We, therefore, cannot allow you to pick which area of the campsite you will stay in. And if you would like to stay next to someone, you will need to arrive together, as we cannot hold spaces.

It is possible to have your live-in vehicle delivered to the Live-In Vehicle campsite by someone else, however, to ensure there are no issues with it being dropped off please ensure:

- Before the vehicle arrives it has its valid Live-In Vehicle Pass(es) - depending on size, 1 pass per 6x7m pitch - filled out and displayed.

- The vehicle is not dropped off before campsites open, at noon, Thursday of the festival.

There is no re-entry for Live-In Vehicles that leave the festival during the event.

All vehicles and belongings must vacate the Live-In Vehicle Campsite by midday on the Monday after the festival. Any items or vehicles left on the Campervan site will be removed and we reserve the right to charge any costs incurred to the customer. N.B. These terms will apply should your vehicle break down prior to the event. If so, customers will be asked to camp in one of our other standard campsites and they will need a tent to do so. No vehicles are permitted in any other campsite.

There is a designated area within the Accessibility Campsite for live-in vehicles. This must be applied for on your Wilderness Accessible Facilities Application form.

If you wish stay in our Live-In Vehicle Campsite but require access to any of our accessible facilities, please via our Accessibility Information for details on how to register.

Please note: there are no water or electricity hook-ups available for live-in vehicles in the Accessibility Campsite. There will be a water point for general use.