Lost Property

If you’ve lost property at Wilderness 2021 please click the button below to report your lost item(s)

Please fill this out with as much information as possible. The more information you provide the more likely we will be able to return your property to you. ONLY SUBMIT ONE FORM PER ITEM, please do not submit multiple forms for the same thing.

IF YOU HAVE LOST A PHONE the best thing you can do is remotely set it to lost mode with a phone number of someone we can contact on the screen, this is the best way for us, or others, to get it back to you.

We aim to have sorted through all lost property within one month of the festival and whether we find your item or not we will be in touch to let you know either way.

If you have found an item that has been lost, please hand it directly into the Info Tent in the Arena, not to Security.