BRASSIQUE feat. The William Faireys Band (KNDS)


Set time to be announced

The Atrium

Welcome to Brassique! A dazzling fusion of brass band brilliance, interactive joy, cabaret charisma, and circus spectacle that promises an unforgettable evening at sunset on The Atrium, for a one-of-a-kind extravaganza.

The show’s soundtrack is provided by none other than the legendary Williams Fairey Band, renowned for their electrifying performances and innovative arrangements that push the boundaries of brass music. From Disco House to Acid Brass, via some high-octane power ballads where you, the audience, will no doubt be singing and dancing along to, their soaring melodies and infectious energy set the stage ablaze, leaving audiences spellbound.

Hosted by the incomparable Chris Fitchew, who boasts a rich background in curating and hosting a wide variety of shows and spectacles on the UK festival, cabaret, and cirque scene.

Brassique! showcases the biggest and brightest stars from the cabaret and circus world, each bringing their own unique flair and jaw-dropping acts to the spotlight.

So grab your friends and family, bring your drinks, and join us for an evening of music, laughter, and spectacle at Brassique! With the breathtaking backdrop of the sunset and the pulsating rhythm of the brass, it's an experience you won't want to miss.