Cosmo Pyke


Set time to be announced

When Peckham born-and-raised Cosmo Pyke first introduced himself to the world with 2017’s ‘Just Cosmo’ EP, those five early tracks immediately marked the then-19-year-old artist out as a new breed of young musician: one capable of blending hip hop and jazz, alternative and classic musicianship in innovative ways that belied his years.

It’s a skill that Cosmo has spent the time since bending and refining with the release of 2021’s ‘A Piper For Janet’ EP, and 2023 follow-up EP ‘Curser’s Lament’, along with his first-ever headline UK tours both selling out in the same year.

Heading into 2024, with a confident new body of work in tow and a newfound trust in himself following a landmark show at London’s Scala, the now 25-year-old is ready to reopen the door fully to his sonic pocket of SE15.