Cut A Shine Hoedown


Set time to be announced

The Barn

Cut A Shine is a collective of musicians, dancers and callers who've been spreading their brand of rip roaring hoedown and barn dance music across the UK for over ten years. Conceived in the squat and warehouse parties of London, the band host square dances and ceilidh dances at venues across the capital, whilst spending the summer months darting from festival to festival raising a dust bowl of dance where ever they go. The line up includes Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and Double bass – the classic “Bluegrass” line up. The show is augmented with flat foot dancers, eccentric and energetic dance callers, and singers, for a all round hoedown experience. The band have played everywhere from 90th birthday parties to the Mumford and Sons Album Launch (yes, that album), as well as lots of lovely festivals. Keep it Hoedown!

The band now host their own festival in the mountains of Mid Wales called Fire in the Mountain, and regularly promote and organise venue shows for the best of visiting Appalachian and Bluegrass musicians from the USA. Some of it's members can also be seen sharing the stage with Hayseed Dixie.