Sat 3rd 23:15 - 1:00

The Riddle

Somewhere at the intersection of Kraftwerk and Daft Punk, sits French producer and multi instrumentalist Dombrance. 

Dombrance Live is a multimedia performance, with the artist surrounded by synthesizers and pedals – presenting his infectious pounding electronic sounds.

The live concerts are often paired with playful pop-art graphics – a collaboration with illustrator, fellow Frenchman Olivier Laude

His show is highly energetic, Dombrance has the stage presence of a rockstar, armored in his suit and tie, and the signature moustache. 

The music draws influence from the Disco of Moroder, the punk of Soulwax, and the energy of Vitalic, all blended together with pulsing repetitive bass and synth lines. It’s pure electronic bliss – a truly ecstatic experience.