Liv Sommer


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The Barn

The blend of subtle jabs with grand theatricality and a crystalline harmonic landscape is how Liv Sommer envisions and delivers her unique sonic soundscape of Indie Folk and queer, contemporary Pop music.

It’s not a far stretch to say that the arts are as much a part of her as is carbon and water. Performing with the Danish National Youth Choir since she was 9 years old, it was her impending move to London that spurred the thoughts and emotions that led to her first full body of original work ‘Bloodstained Tissue’.

Chronicling her tumultuous relationship with romance and strained friendships, ‘Bloodstained Tissue’ is a collection of thoughts striving to provoke and reminisce on her journey of acceptance and healing, wearing the songs as a pendant of hope not a necklace of regret.

Whether slaying onstage or writing in the corner, Liv will always be…

Angry and vengeful, modern and feminine.