Festival Concierge

Charity Concierge is festival volunteering with an impact: their volunteers bring a little bit of luxury to festival-goers whilst also raising money for global health charity Child.org.

Charity Concierge

Charity Concierge volunteers will help campers set up their tents and serve drinks in the main arena (staying close to the action!).

Festival Taxi

Don’t waste time and energy trekking your camping gear from car park to pitch -  catch a ride in a Charity Concierge Festival Taxi, and support Child.org’s work to make pregnancies safer for women and babies in Kenya at the same time. For a £35 donation, load up a golf buggy with all you can (safely) fit on, and we'll take it to the campsites for you; you can find their purple Charity Concierge Taxi stops at the main festival car parks. Service is first-come, first-served (they'll do their best to manage queues and let you know how long til the next buggy).

Family Huts

Offering a private space to change and feed your little ones away from the hustle and bustle.

The money raised by our amazing concierges will help Child.org continue to champion maternal and child health in Kenya.