Oxford Food Hub

The Oxford Food Hub has two purposes: feeding the community and protecting the environment.

At Wilderness presented by Audi they will collect: fresh fruit and veg, dairy and bakery items, boxed items, soft drinks and non-perishables from traders, restaurants and bars, and distribute it free of charge to local charities, ensuring the food gets to the right people and reducing food poverty. This also reduces food waste in the local area, lessening environmental impact. Most of their operations are carried out by volunteers, helping them to provide around £20 of food for every £1 donated.

In 2018 our partnership with Oxford Food Hub prevented 5 tonnes of festival food going to landfill, instead distributing it to around 80 charities in Oxford.
In 2019 we partnered with them again and they also took part in our campsite festival salvage alongside Help Refugees, to anyone that donated to their cause, thank you.