The Family Field

Let your little tribe run wild

Step into the magical family field, a space full of games, colourful characters, theatre, workshops, circus skills and more. The simply excellent Flying Seagull Project spread laughter everywhere they go, Tootles + Nibs are exactly the right brand of hilarious chaos and there are DJ workshops from Transmission Roundhouse. You might even get the chance to sit down in a shady spot...


Bower Street Morris

Tootles + Nibs Theatre Tent

Transmission Roundhouse

The Flying Seagulls Project

321...Let's Have Fun

Exploring Nature

Mortimer Nannies

Seagull Stretch ’n’ Shine

The Curious Compendium of Forgotten Games

Circus Free Play & Break Out

Nonsensical Circus show

Big Top Break Out

Kids’ Comedy Corner

Circus Freestyle

Magical illusions, delusions and confusions

Wild’n’Free Stage Show

End of day Balkan Boogie

Illusions, Confusions & Delusions

Bonkers Balloon Show

The Wild Cactus Takeover

The Power of Play and Clowning in Crisis

Bash’s Hula Hoopathon

Magical Illusions, Delusions & Confusions

Sunday Turbo Time Morning Session

Pirate Takeover

Bedtime Rave

Scribble Club

Mr Robbie

ZineMob with Megaphone Comics

The Patchlarks Storytelling Show

Theatre of the Small

Drag Storytime with Cybil War & I.A.N

The Storytorium

Life Drawing

Pirate School

Rosette Making Workshop

Closing Rave

Radio & Podcasting Workshops

DJ 101 Drop-in Sessions

Orchestra Of Objects

Wake, Shake & Shine Morning Madness