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The Mindful Space

AS YOU ARE with Lucy Alloway

Come As You Are - A yoga class designed to calm your nervous system and soothe your mind. As you tune into your body we’ll explore the idea of contentment by moving through a series of gentle stretches, slow flows and muscles strengthening postures. You'll find moments of stillness as we pause throughout the practice to open up the opportunity to ask yourself how you can find peace with where you are right now. Letting go of the need to be anywhere else or anything else other than yourself, here in this moment. We'll close with a deep relaxation hypnosis, allowing the mind and body to float away into profound harmony.

My name is Lucy. I'm a gentle soul, anxiety specialist, yoga teacher, coach and dog mum. I love the slow life, nature, connection, curiosity, deep conversations, food, movement and balance. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge to support others. I have an old soul and I used to find this overwhelming and frustrating at times, but now I see it as my super power. I notice things that others don't, I feel deeply and I question frequently.

It's my mission to help you discover your direction, create balance and step into a life free from anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm. I'm here to create a shift. One where you transform into the truest and most aligned version of yourself. One where you become a calmer you.

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