Somatic Breathflow


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The Mindful Space

with Kia Aileen

Somatic Breathflow is not simply breathwork. It is a multi-modal approach incorporating movement, fascia release, breath and shamanic dream journeying to open the door to heightened awareness and states of consciousness. Somatic Breathflow is a PhD research based methodology rooted in psychology, transdisciplinary holistic education and decades of anatomy research. It offers a practical way to awaken hidden parts of the body and psyche to integrate the conscious and subconscious elements of ourselves. Join us to create Soul Freedom together!

Kia Aileen, an Integrative Psychotherapist, Metaphysical Teacher and Spiritual Coach, empowers clients by leveraging the body-mind-spirit connection to release trauma, old patterns and conditioning while awakening their fullest potential. She cultivates a journey of spiritual connection and development that allows clients to create more freedom, fulfillment, abundance, love and happiness in their lives.

Refunds & Exchanges

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The Spa

  • You must bring your own towel.

Wellbeing in the Wild Experiences

  • Meet 20 minutes before the designated start time at the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, located next to the Sanctuary Reception. Your teacher will then accompany you to the relevant location for your session.
  • In adverse weather conditions, please still head to the Wellbeing in the Wild Meeting Point, as most sessions will still go ahead come rain or shine. Any sessions that cannot go ahead will be automatically refunded within 2 weeks post-festival. We do not offer refunds if you decide not to join a session that still goes ahead.

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