Sofar Sounds


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The Forum

Sofar Sounds is for artists and audiences looking to make deeper connections. They are reimagining the live event experience through curated, intimate performances in hundreds of cities around the world.

At Sofar, they like to ask: who's ever been to a bad gig? For some, the crowd was too loud or maybe the beer was warm. For others, the sound system wasn't doing the artist justice. Or maybe someone was in the line of view, snapping selfies all night. Whatever the experience, it just wasn't what you hoped or expected. 

Sofar Sounds was founded to bring the magic back to live music events.

In 2009, the founders invited some friends over to a London flat for a low-key, intimate gig. Eight people gathered in the living room, shared a drink, and sat on the floor, attentively listening to the music. Now, Sofar is a global community for artists and audiences, coming together in unique and welcoming rooms, creating space where music matters.

Sofar specialise in hand-picked artist curation and aim to support artists at all stages of their career by connecting them with their biggest fans, introducing them to new ones, and giving them ownership of that relationship.

You're invited. Come on in.