In The Wild Experiences

The programming at Wilderness is largely inspired by the beauty of its setting. The nature reserve provides a breath-taking backdrop to all that occurs, and often takes centre stage.

Brand new for this year, we are proud to present a series of 'In The Wild' happenings, taking you outside the arena and deep into the magic of the Wychwood Forest. There is something from every discipline and therefore something for absolutely everyone: whether your passion is for dining, music, theatre and arts, wellbeing, foraging, cooking or adventures in nature.

Music In the Wild taps into the origins of how music was experienced. In small groups, completely unplugged, deeply embedded in nature and far away from civilisation. These acoustic experiences can be the most magical, connected moments between audience and performer, surrounded by trees and birdsong, and there can be no greater setting than the majestic Wychwood Forest.

Three renowned acts will perform two completely unplugged intimate shows in a forest clearing on Friday afternoon. The incredible and hotly-tipped Cosmo Pyke, the captivating and magnetic Estilo String Quartet and the charismatic Olly Barton of Die Twice fame. These are completely free but require advance booking. Bring a jumper or a blanket to sit on. Sit back, tune in and allow these talented musicians to cast their spells in this magical, intimate setting.

Theatre In The Wild. Award-winning theatre troupe The Fabularium take you on a journey, far away from the paradise of Cornbury Park in their show The Hare and The Moon. All is not well in the Tundra of Siberia when the Sun has disappeared from the sky! Plunged into darkness, the Arctic Animals band together to find and reclaim the Sun, but maybe the strongest and brutish of creatures are not the ones who are best for the job. Maybe someone with long ears that is faster, smarter, and more agile is required for the task... Join The Fabularium Astronomers as they tell the tale of how Leapa the Arctic Hare saved the realm from a villainous beast; a tale of a furry fearless female, who brought the light back to the day and made the night sky glow!

Dining In The Wild ~ Friday to Sunday 15:00-18:00. Wilderness favourite Ben Quinn returns, but this time he’s doing what he and his trusty Woodfired Canteen crew do best, laying their iconic long table deep in our woodland wilds, and it promises to be a sublime experience.

Woodfired's approach to feasting has always been about making connections that lead to lifetime memories. Ben's menu, which includes multiple courses cooked on fire, will be shared at the centre of the table, creating the perfect opportunity to connect with other diners in the wilds of Wilderness. Guests will be transported to their very own grand woodland dining room. Expect perfectly paired drinks, delectable dishes cooked over open fire and a table drenched in sparkling sunlight as it bounces from chandelier to woodland canopy. This is an experience you’re not going to want to miss.

Yoga in The Wild invites you to take a deep dive in a secluded spot to practice with one of two experienced teachers, giving yourself the gift of grounding, breathing and focussing the mind for an hour. Join Senior teacher, Tania Brown for a yoga class designed specifically with sports enthusiasts in mind. This will be a one hour flow focussed on releasing the muscles used in the repetitive movements of these disciplines. Nathalie Von Rotz is a yoga teacher who will empower you to reconnect with breath, mind, and heart, offering modifications for practitioners of all levels. Her classes, whether Vinyasa, Power, Mandala, or Yin, are characterised by a flowing, dynamic approach that balances strength and flexibility, breath and intention, fostering a sense of grounding and nurturing for all participants.

Hunter Gather Cook have been returning to Wilderness almost since the beginning, providing foraging, butchery and wild cooking courses for over a decade. Born in Sussex in 2011, HGC was designed by founder Nick Weston as a way to educate people about the wild, with a view to get more people to eat game, learn about the delicious wild food we have all around us and blend both together with the delicate goodness of smoke and fire.

There are three workshops to try: Foraging, Deer Butchery and Crayfish Trapping.

Experts of the natural world Reveal Nature invite you to join them on three forest adventures: Biofluorescence Night Walks are guided walks exploring the unique phenomenon where certain organisms emit light in different colors than the ones they absorb. Armed with UV torches, you’ll encounter a diverse array of species from fungi to insects and plants. Microscopic Marvels: a unique and fascinating experience exploring the microcosm of nature through the lens of a microscope. Aromatic Adventures: a guided journey through nature led by your nose and sense of smell, to explore a wide range of local plants and essential oils.

Dubbed the Queen of the New Wave of storytellers (BBC Radio 3), Rachel Rose Reid has traveled the world collecting, writing, and telling tales for children, adults, and families. Raised on a mix of immigrant heritage, English folk music, and London melting pot, she joins us at Wilderness to cook up an extra-special stew of interactive tales and action songs suitable for 3-8 year olds and their grown ups on a Story Walk. Learn to let go and sing it out at Free your Creative Voice workshop with Alison Love David. Come together in the woods to workshop your ideas and turn your words into songs. Walk away feeling uplifted, connected and celebrated. Join the Midnight Runners for a daily 5km run around the park with a high octane playlist and some other keen beans.

All In The Wild sessions are available to book now.