Mental Health Awareness Week

Caring for your mental health is a year-round project not a week-long exercise. But this week, we feel, is an important opportunity to highlight some of the ways you can care for your mental health whilst you are deep in the wilderness in sequins.

Wilderness is a place designed to provide calm and inspiration. To foster a healthy and relaxed mind and body. To escape the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

We are here to assist. This is a reminder to factor in YOU time alongside your party uplift. Discover a collection of some of the incredible (MAINLY FREE) experiences to be had at the festival which will truly relax, nourish, and replenish your mind and spirit.

A walk through the forest.
A wild swim in the lake.
A dance under the stars with your friends.
A morning meditation.
Singing in a choir with hundreds of others.
Full belly laughs at a comedy show.
Listening to the Orchestra.
Having your heartstrings pulled at Letters Live.
Unplugging from your phone and spending 4 days outside.
Yoga in The Wild.
Participating in the many Games and Shenanigans is a sure-fire route to laughter and exhilaration. If you’re feeling less solar, reclining on the green to enjoy the cricket is just as much fun.
Get sassy at the House of Sublime and enjoy Alternative Miss Wilderness.


The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week '24 is Movement. As we all know, exercise and movement is central to feeling good, exhilarated and healthy.

Exercise is SO REPETITIVE. You do it, you feel good. There are myriad ways to MOVE YOUR BODY at Wilderness. Shift some stuck energy, sweat out a hangover, drop in to tune your body, work your muscles and quiet your mind. All for £15 or under.

Run wild with the Midnight Runners running club.
Lottie Murphy Pilates - Join Lottie for an empowering Pilates masterclass. You’ll begin with the Pilates fundamentals before flowing into a dynamic full body Pilates workout.
Hot Girl Boxing. A boxing group for women, non-binary & queer hotties. Created to break down the barriers to boxing in a camp, fun and welcoming space.
Michael James Wong and Just Breathe. A breathwork practice that combines elements of conscious connected breathwork, meditation and deep rest.
Take a class at The Rogue Room - the unique coming-together of movement and music that harnesses the vibrancy of club culture and the transcendence of yoga. Get out of your head and into your body.
Sacred Sound Healing - A sound journey for restful realignment and self nurture.
Wild Medicine Walks - Take a walk through the forest with resident expert Rachel Corby. Learn how to use plants that can help with everything from hangovers and sunburn to broken hearts and grazed knees.
Blink Mental Health Therapies - A safe space to talk, a place to relax and rest, and practice mindfulness activities. We will be offering 1:1 talking therapy sessions with our team of qualified psychologists and counsellors. These are free and accessible to anyone during the festival, regardless of what you want to talk about.
Aerial or Paddleboard Yoga - bursts of heart-raising intensity that strengthen the body followed by chilled moments of deep relaxation and working with the breath that helps the mind.
IO Project is proud to open the festival with a candlelit ceremony under the power of the Leo new moon - a cathartic, empowering session to start your festival feeling relaxed and centered, to let go of what you don’t want to carry with you into the weekend and be ready with an open heart for all the sparkly shenanigans ahead.


Wilderness prides itself on being a non-stressful, anxiety inducing environment. Venues are either small and intimate or open and airy. You will never be caught in an overwhelming crush of people trying to get somewhere (unless you want to be of course – and front left is calling…)

The rolling parkland is punctuated with spacious spots to escape to. Explore the trees beside the lake, find your secret nook in the long grass to take a moment away from the hubbub.

The Atrium is a beautiful airy space with a lot of calm and art-focussed programming. It’s the perfect space to roll out a rug on the bank with your bestie and some snacks.

Happy adventuring.