The Sanctuary - your destination for restoration.

The Sanctuary is a soul-nourishing paradise: your HQ for a full recharge - or maybe a hard reset. Scene-leading and luxurious, the space has been a sunlight-dappled, moonlight-bathed cornerstone of the Wilderness experience since day one.

A place to relax and reboot, but also to learn and to laugh, to dance, to dine, to stretch and flow, to exercise the body and calm the mind. The Sanctuary has developed and expanded in scope over the years, offering you bountiful experiences from across the spectrum of the wellbeing world. We connect a community of practitioners and partners, yogis, musicians, wellbeing professionals, energy movers, breathworkers, therapists and zen masters at our festival within a festival.

Home to the seriously luxurious Lakeside Spa – simmering in a wood-fired hot-tub may be the pinnacle of your wellbeing goals – the menu here is vast. Dive into your night fever with a 70s Disco Dancing class. Explore your embodied self in yoga. Go deep in a gong bath, work it at Pilates, hit a tease workshop, sit in evening meditation, or learn a new contemporary dance. Solar and lunar, frenetic or serene: eclecticism is what Wilderness presented by Audi does best.

The four spaces within The Sanctuary are distinct and diverse:

The Studio: The place to get your sweat on. HIIT, barre, pilates, boxing, family yoga: witness the fitness.

The Shala: Sound experiences, musical journeys, breathwork, movement.

Mindful Space: The place for calm; restorative movement classes, energy workshops, meditation.

Wellbeing in the Wild: Blissful outdoor experiences; bootcamps between the trees, medicine walks, forest bathing, wild yoga, SUP and aerial.

Brand New:

Rachel Morley brings her popular Sacred Rage workshop - recently featured in The Times - holding space for you to honour your deep emotions and explore places within yourself that may have been restricted. The ceremony is a space to release rage in a safe supportive way. You will be guided through a Heavy Emotional Release Method with a combination of emotional provoking music and vibrational sound tools, stomping, primal noise, emotional releasing breathwork techniques and energy work to unleash the full force of emotion.

Sophie Alexandra Wurr ~ Wild Rose Wellness delivers a 𝓣𝓔𝓐𝓢𝓔 masterclass. “Not ‘just’ a lap dance masterclass; you’ll learn the sacred art of devotional dance, a gift to yourself and your beloved.” This journey will support you to ignite your inner flame of passion and to connect with your partner/s (or future partner) on a deeper level.

Lottie Murphy is a Pilates household name. Lottie brings decades of expertise to an empowering Pilates masterclass. You’ll begin with the Pilates fundamentals before flowing into a dynamic full body Pilates workout.

Roger Frampton: supermodel turned mobility coach, Roger’s TED talk “Why Sitting Down Destroys You” has been viewed 5 million times. His brainchild, The Frampton Method - shouted about in The Sunday Times, Grazia, Esquire and more - uses training techniques which place emphasis on conscious movement. He combines bodyweight exercises with aspects of gymnastics to help us better understand the natural functionality of our bodies, with the aim of preventing pain and returning us to the fluid way we moved as children.

Returning Faves:

Yoga Supper Club features a seasonal feast plus classic 60-minute yoga flow. The yoga precedes a well laid table in beautiful surroundings amongst new friends: the foraged answer to a wholesome long table banquet.

The Rogue Room. This pioneering Shoreditch Yoga Studio uses club culture as a catalyst to connect. Join founder Rosie Hall for a SoulFlow 68 session, The Rogue Room's interpretation of a slow-flow Rocket-inspired class using a carefully curated DJ-set with a constant tempo of 68 BPM. This music-driven practice is meticulously designed to align with the ebb and flow of the class, allowing you to access flow with ease and remain in peak-state for the duration.

Fellowship Meetings return for 2024, a fundamental addition to The Sanctuary and all that it embodies. Meetings will be “Open” and whatever fellowship of recovery you belong to, or if you simply want to find out more about recovery, you are welcome to attend.

Kage Douglas. West End dancer turned PT and yoga teacher from East London, Kage delivers fun, high energy movement classes in Barre, Power Yoga and dance.

You could legitimately spend all weekend here. A springboard for your dancefloor endeavours or place to soothe the body post-party, drop in to The Sanctuary morning, noon, or night to find peace, to breathe and enjoy some self-care, because variety is the spice of life.

And no one belongs here more than you.

For the full Wellbeing line-up click here.