The Barn

Get stuck in under the rafters. Your full line-up with day splits is here.

With a broad, genre-blurring menu of live music, The Barn has been an institution of Wilderness for many, many years. Initially, The Folk Barn, the music has broadened to encompass so many other genres that it is now known simply as The Barn.

It has always been programmed in collaboration with our friends and long-time partners: Cut A Shine – the hoedown loving, Fire in The Mountain affiliated legends who put the YAY! in ceilidh, Front Room Songs – with their trademark intimate vibes, ear for a tune, and some top-drawer musicianship and Woodburner Music – the pinnacle of a global community of music-lovers, summer-lovers and life-lovers. This is the place to hunker down for dazzling performances and unscripted anarchy.

You’ll hear world music, jazz, indie, blues, folk, soul and plenty more, from artists new and established, all live and direct to the dancefloor under the rafters that is the heartbeat of The Barn. The full line-up with day splits is here for your delectation and master planning. Hunker down and settle in for some Barn time with your music loving pals. Dancing shoes essential.

Thursday - Front Room Songs Takeover

Cosmo Pike,

Die Twice, Melin Melyn,

Ko Capoli, Liv Sommer, TMMP

Friday - Cut A Shine Takeover

Ciaran Ryan Band, Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra

Cut A Shine Hoedown, Interstate Express

Teilhard Frost, Nick Hart and Tom Moore, Amelia Coburn, The Cash Cows,

Stompin Dave Blues Band, Family Barn Dance, Crooked Little Heart

Saturday - Woodburner Music Takeover

Bongeziwe Mabandla, Akolá Tambó

Suntou Susso, United Freedom Collective, Sunny Reyne, Loie

Aanya Martin, Plantfood, Ellie Harris, Kindelan


Another Sky, Nell Mescal

Tara Lily, Jasmine Jethwa,

Chartreuse, Dolores Forever, The Slow Country

Temm, Michael Aldag, Ruby J