We are thrilled to welcome DJ Artwork to make his debut at the Wilderness Valley...

The Main Stage with BBC Music

Our largest stage is an eclectic beast. It's played host to some of the greatest artists of all time over the years, spanning the genres and the decades of a huge and multi-talented range of luminaries. The Wilderness Main Stage, with BBC Music this year

The Valley

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body." - Martha Graham The Valley is an amphitheatre, a perfect gully embrued with soul and energy where the forest meets the river. It's a space which feels preordained for flamboyance and unity; in other

The Atrium supported by Time Out

The Atrium - supported by Time Out - is a compendium of high arts. It’s the place where the strands of our festival unite. An assembly of sensational music and dance from the UK and around the world, The Atrium is the best bits of Wilderness collected und

The Night Realm

The night crawls in looking dangerous. Dragging lazers, a chain-linked tangle of beats. You'll not escape this one unscathed. Welcome to the jungle, home of the magic hour. The chaos is not far away. Follow your instincts; you'll find your tribe. This is

The Love Hotel

From the creators of the much loved ‘Juke Joint’, Petersham Road presents ‘The Love Hotel’- a secret underworld where conformity is rejected and losing your inhibitions is encouraged.   This is the kitsch, boutique hotel of LOVE where you are invited to s

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The Carousel

The Carousel is the place with the big vibrations. Buy the ticket, take the ride. It's a golden stage dancing with horses and shaking with a party bag of music to make you move. The infamous festival impresario Mr Chris Tofu – best known for Glastonbury's

The Travelling Folk Barn

Home to the finest folk virtuosos and travelling balladeers, The Folk Barn is the place for a barnstorming craft beer and a spot to soak up the troubadour vibes. Curated by four crews with huge folk credentials, you are in accomplished hands. Expect a bro

The Saturday Night Spectacle: The Sacred Triangle with Chris Levine and IY_Project with Sound Design by Marco Perry & Dave Clayton

Gather your friends. Hold your breath. Prepare for the communal experience and wonder of our Saturday Night Spectacle. In previous years we've burned, balanced, tiptoed on flaming wire, marched, hung from cranes, crouched at the feet of giants, sung and h

The Hustle

Hustle: 'a state of great activity.' Welcome, one and all, to the naughty corner. The Hustle is your late night party destination. A seething dancefloor to jostle among the grooves and disco-funk jams with new friends. A risqué corner of The Night Realm s

Two Door Cinema Club

Some bands peer into the abyss. Others dive in headfirst. Others still find the abyss grows inch-by-inch around them, and only the greatest bands climb out. This last of these scenarios is the story of Two Door Cinema Club, from the outside one of the gre

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is a polymayth; a shape-shifting anomaly. The singer, songwriter, lyricist, supermodel, record producer and actress is a true original: always controversial and exciting, constantly surprising and never anything less than totally amazing. Born