The Forum

“We work on the assumption that everyone is interested in everything.” The Forum is the flagship ideas tent at Wilderness, and facilitates all the talky-thinky events and classes on site. The Forum produces and supports talks, debates and literary arts pr

Tate Britain presents Queer British Art and Identity

Sunday Papers Live : Culture Section Clare Barlow, curator at Tate Britain will be joined by performer Tim Redfern, artist Nick Hornby and activist Paris Lees to discuss the diverse connections between sexuality, gender identity and art to uncover a past

Letters Live

“We are itching to finally bring Letters Live to Wilderness and determined to seduce the crowds with a stellar cast of performers reading some of the greatest correspondence ever to have been written. To be doing so in such a gorgeous setting is the icing

Newsweek Debate: Are we heading towards a second Cold War?

Join us for the Newsweek debate in The Forum at Wilderness this year. In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, most people seemed united in the opinion that Republican nominee Donald Trump would usher in a new era of friendlier U.S.-Russia relatio

The RSA : The Big Election Debrief

It was widely tipped to be the least interesting election in living memory - a slam-dunk for the Conservatives in a time of unprecedented popularity. In these unpredictable times it’s not even hyperbole to say ‘no one expected that’ - they *really* didn’t

VICE Presents: The Gender Drug Divide

Sunday Papers Live: UK News Section Last year, The Global Drug Survey revealed there had been a fourfold increase in British female clubbers seeking emergency medical treatment after taking MDMA. Studies have also found that women are two to three times m

Economist Films presents The World If…

How will the planet cope when faced with fundamental challenges to how we live our lives? World-renowned publication The Economist brings its global expertise to Wilderness to explore three mind-stretching scenarios that could transform our world. Led by

Sunday Papers Live

Sunday Papers Live brings the broadsheets to life – section by section, performance by performance – with poets, politicians, musicians, actors and writers covering travel, world news, style, gardening, sport, business, culture and more. Some will be sill


Join free speech fanatics Index on Censorship for a quiz show with a difference: the Fake News Show. Try to separate fact from fiction with the help of panellists including BBC radio presenter Emma Barnett and News Roast comedian Jolyon Rubinstein. Do you

The Books Tent

Our Books Tent is entirely devoted to the literary arts. Ink-slinging, scribing, musing, brain-storming, spinning-yarns, telling tales. Expect takeovers from major publishers, talks and debates with incredible writers, masterclasses on writing from inspir

The Lyceum

The School of Global Studies at The University of Sussex are locking up the lecture halls and seminar rooms and swapping mortar boards and gowns for wellies and khaki shorts to head out into The Wilderness this summer. Housed inside a beautiful, hand-made

Retreat Yourself

This year we are delighted to welcome the Retreat Yourself - a venue that is entirely dedicated to personal growth through creativity and the arts. Curated and compered by Sanderson Jones, co-founder of the global Sunday Assembly movement, this tent conta